My work is about the human condition: the pathos and the beauty, the nobility and the tragedy of our species.

I often use themes from mythology, which have deep symbolic meaning across all cultures. Gardens, and water - also with deep symbolic roots in our psyches - are often used as the settings for my human figures. I specialize in water reflections. But the main subject of my work is the human figure, in which can be found depths of beauty. I am fascinated by the play of sunlight on skin and the way fabric frames the figure.

In my personal journey, as well as in my art, I strive to ride the great wave of spirituality that emanates from this planet. We all yearn for a glimpse of the perfect paradise we left behind when we were born. My work gives people that glimpse.

All my work is Prismacolor pencil on Canson MiTientes paper, made by a company in France that has been making paper for 500 years. I have been committed to this combination of materials for three decades, constantly exploring the limits of this unusual and highly-nuanced medium.
All images copyright Kevin Roeckl